An infographic showing the relationship between caffeine and coffee

Caffeine and Calories

Being a closet geek, there’s not many things on my usual of internet news/stories that catch my eye which relate to the health side of things, but every now and again I find something that I think really strikes a chord. One of my favourite sites for life hacks is Lifehacker (all those nerds out there will know what I mean!). It’s sort of a Health-meets-New Scientist-affair, with most of its stuff relating to the online world. As such it caters for many a caffeine junky (being a self proclaimed coffee addict I think I fit in that category) and a recent posting alerted me to this poster (created by the wonderful people at (all credits to them).

Whilst the advantages of a caffeine ‘pop’ about 20 minutes before training is well documented, do you ever consider how many calories you are taking in with your caffeine fix? Time to get a handle on your hidden calories. Enjoy.
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